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2nd Year Plan

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1.  Activities for the second year


1. Compiling an explanatory mini-dictionary of the Intercultural Education terms in English   

Turkey and Bulgaria


2. Compiling an explanatory mini-dictionary in all the languages of the partner countries that would contain terms related to the subject of the project (i.e. intercultural education)                                                                                             

Every partner   


3. Preparing an overall mini-dictionary of the Intercultural Education terms in English and all the partners’ languages.    



4.  Developing extra-curriculum activities to reach the aims of Intercultural education (which have to be discussed in detail at the partner schools’ meetings and at the project meetings) (with the participation of the associated partners)


5. Participation in a web-site contest! 



6.  Introducing International Day/Week into the school life 

Every partner


Among these activities will/might be:


1.  “One day in the life of a Romanian/Bulgarian/Turkish/Portuguese/Italian/Greek/Polish student”

students/teachers are to take pictures from different moments of an ordinary day and make PPPs! or links to our school websites


2. “Let’s get acquainted to our roots through art!”- each school presents/writes an article about an artist/musician…


3. An imaginary trip through UNESCO World Heritage from Europe.

Students will visit a world heritage site in their region, learn about it and make a PowerPoint presentation on it.

These presentations will be used in the partner schools to help them learn about these places and the regions of the partner countries.


4. Activity “Let’s know the European languages

Because this project has many partners from different countries and languages, and as the language is an important aspect of the different regions, every partner will make an audio file in their own language. These audio files will include 3 parts:

  1. 2 minutes of a conversation in that language
  4. Celebration of the International Day of languages – 26th, September


The aim of 1 and 3 is to enjoy the sound of the other languages. The aim of 2 is to try to pronounce some basic sentences. The basic sentences will be the same in all countries. Students will decide on those sentences during the first project meeting in Bulgaria.

- should be a DVD from every country – cannot be uploaded



5. “Together in diversity”- carrying out a comparison between the countries, taking as a starting point the popular wisdom and traditions of every nation- proverbs, sayings, popular art etc.


 6. Fun with Proverbs


7. Finding the words from other languages in your own language and identify them!

8. Making the feedback questionnaires to evaluate how the project work contributed to the developing/improving students’ intercultural capacities and change the schools’ context.



Note: the activities that have to be introduced  into International Day/Week will be suggested and discussed during the project meetings and over the Internet (SKYPE, e-mails). The activities given above are some of the suggestions – they may be changed and diversified.


The deadline – the 2nd project meeting and the final product can be a film, a written report with some pictures or PPPs enclosed


 Creating a school tradition of having “The Country of the Year” as all aspects of its life are introduced into different subject synopsis/curriculum

      Every partner      



  • ·        to establish







2.  Discussing the project meeting date


  1.     in Portugal

dates: October  16th – SATURDAY- arrival

                          22nd – Friday – departure


   2. in Greece


dates:     February  19th – SATURDAY- arrival

                          25th – Friday – departure



3. in Poland


dates:     the beginning of June      





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