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Philoshophy and Aims

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Intercultural Competences Across The School Curriculum




The aims of the


Comenius in Intercultural Competences Across The School Curriculum (Circum)



include the following:



  • Help young people to develop the ability to recognize inequality, injustice, racism, prejudice and bias.
  • Equip young people to challenge and to try to change these manifestations when they encounter them.
  • Enable young people to appreciate the richness of a diversity of cultures.
  • Support young people in practical ways to recognize and to challenge prejudice and discrimination where they exist.


Someone with some degree of intercultural competence is someone who 


  • is able to see relationships between different cultures - both internal and external to a society
  • is able to mediate, that is interpret each in terms of the other, either for themselves or for other people
  • has a critical or analytical understanding of their own and other cultures
  • is conscious of their own perspective, of the way in which their thinking is culturally
  • is determined, rather than believing that their understanding and perspective is natural



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