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List of Qualities

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Intercultural Competences Across The School Curriculum



Skills and capacities

Skills and cSkills and capacities

Intrapersonal skills

Interpersonal skills

Ability to engage in the democratic processap

Ability to recognise similarities in people thought of as different and vice versa

Ability to engage in dialogue and respond to opposing opinions

Development of language and the confidence to express opinions, interpretations, concerns and convictions

Ability to change one’s mind

Ability to develop relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds

Ability to work co-operatively with others

Ability to apply human rights concepts to everyday situations

Ability to make balanced judgements

Ability to recognise stereotyping and bias in print, in images, in interpersonal discussion and in themselves

Ability to make balanced judgements

Ability to challenge discrimination


Values and Attitudes


Respect for self: valuing one’s own group and individual identity

Respect for others: valuing a diversity of cultures and representations

A belief in the ability of the individual to make a difference

Respect for diversity: affirming the value that can be derived from having different viewpoints and cultural expressions

Healthy scepticism towards stereotypical representations of groupst

Developing a sense of empathy with those whose rights are denied

Commitment to the application of human rights principles

Empathy with those discriminated against

Commitment to promote equality

A commitment to democratic principles: recognising the right of all to be heard and the responsibility to listen to others


Knowledge and Understanding


Understanding of the diversity of your national heritage and the contributions of different groups to modern Italian/Portugal/etc. society

Knowledge about European and other cultures

Understanding the contributions of generations of Italian/Portugal/etc. people to societies around the world l

Understanding that diversity is a normal part of human life

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of democratic decision-making in diverse societies

Understanding that culture does not determine us

Understanding racism as a sense of superiority and a disrespect for diversity

Understanding racism as a form of discrimination

Understanding the key principles of human rights

Understanding the interdependence of humans in the protection of rights

Knowledge and understanding of equality and inequality

Knowledge and understanding of direct and indirect discrimination

Understanding bias and stereotyping as a form of discrimination.















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